I started Vastada Consulting with a vision of creating a management consulting company which helps organizations to realize their true potential. We believe an organization is a very important part of our world and has a bigger role to play in the life of human beings by delivering healthy products and quality services, as well as building a happy and protected environment for internal and external stakeholders. We want to create organizations which are alive, innovative and self-sustainable.

Our true point of difference is our young and energetic team with a passion for excellence and quality. Our services are focused on following two points:
-Create and shape a long-term growth strategy focused on the right choice of products, services & communications adaptable to future economic and market conditions.
-We create customized intelligent strategic solutions for organizations to build trust and connections with employees, customers, partners and the society.

We have initiated a very concept CEO’s Face-off. This concept of Vastada Consulting helps the top management of an organization to understand the current situation of their company, give clarity on their strategic visibility and assist them to define their strategic direction and goals.

I welcome you to explore our website to know more about our services.

We know we are very ambitious, but we also believe we can help organizations for better future.

Build your company with Vastada Consulting!

Neha Yaduvanshi
Founder & MD
Vastada Group

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